Veronique H. Benchimol

Sophrology Coach

Founder, California Sophrology

Veronique Benchimol relocated to San Diego from Alsace, France, in 2009.

A 2002 graduate of the Ecole de Sophrologie Caycedienne d’Alsace, and 2004 graduate of the World Federation of Caycedian Sophrology, she has 10 years experience practicing Sophrology as a stress-reduction tool in clinics, hospitals and in companies. She helped many people through group or individual sessions, from child birth preparation to self-development to stress management.

Now, she is proud to be starting California Sophrology, her new practice, here, as San Diego’s first credentialed, certified Sophrologist. The sessions are available in both English and French, based on people’s preferences.

Veronique has a grown daughter and son, currently living abroad. She and her new husband Claude reside in Solana Beach, where ocean views and nature’s beauty inspire and enrich each day.