A New Way to Restore Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Relaxation. Meditation. Focus. Performance . . .

These are qualities and practices we all wish for ourselves. They are also some of the vital life-enhancing tools taught in the field of Sophrology, a European brand of mind-body discipline now being pioneered here in San Diego.

Defined as “a science of consciousness in harmony,” Sophrology has existed in Europe since the early 1960s. Founded by Dr. A. Caycedo, M.D., a Spanish neuropsychiatrist, Sophrology is based on a combination of Oriental traditions (yoga, zen and Buddhist meditation), and Western techniques and philosophies (relaxation, hypnosis, and phenomenology). Professor Caycedo studied them all; he then combined and adapted them to create a unique structured method that can be easily adapted to daily life.

Sophrology has grown quickly in popularity throughout Europe, and is used in a wide range of environments such as medicine, sports, education, business, and art. Because the approach is so adaptable, it’s been used effectively to treat issues as diverse as stress burnout, prenatal care, weight management, anxiety, addiction, and sleep disorders. Those facing events such as surgery, exams, interviews, sport competitions, or arts performance can find Sophrology a valuable tool.

How is Sophrology practiced?

The method involves exercises in breathing, dynamic relaxation, meditation, concentration, and simple movements, all led by a certified Sophrologist. The result has the immediate benefits to reduce stress and promote mental and physical “well-being.” The exercises can be practiced either one-on-one with the sophrologist –-he or she will tailor the exercises to suit your needs—or in group sessions, where everyone can experience the session on their own level.

The goal is to help you establish a balance between body and mind, in order to develop a more harmonious personality, as well as to relax more deeply on a physical and mental level. The techniques are designed to make you independent in your practice, and you will notice the benefits pretty quickly.

Usually each session lasts 45 minutes to one hour, and it can be held on a variety of themes, depending on the goal of the student. The Sophrologist will vocally guide you through all the exercises, either standing up or sitting down. The session ends with a dialogue, giving you the opportunity to share your experience.